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It is generally known that there is an ozone layer around the earth.

However, the function of ozone and its effect on our lives are not well known.

Isn't it supposed to be more harmful to the human body?

That is because the false perception of Ozone has been planted.

There is an effective way to use Ozone at the right concentration.

There are various viruses on the earth, but vaccines have suppressed their infection.

Influenza that is prevalent every year as Dengue fever that is prevalent in Southeast Asia, Bird flu, SARS, MARS, Ebola hemorrhagic fever that was once prevalent, etc ...

And finally, Vaccine for the new Corona virus is coming out.

This virus has changed the world by swinging us human beings in the past year.

Ozone can inactivate the Corona virus.

Many of you may know that it was demonstrated and announced one after another at Nara Medical University and Fujita Health University last year.

Ozone is O3, which has a structure in which an oxygen atom (O) is bonded to oxygen (O2).

Ozone (O3) is an unstable molecule that cannot exist as it is for a long time.

It has the property of releasing oxygen atoms and returning to oxygen.

The released oxygen atom causes an oxidation reaction with all surrounding substances.

This is a so-called oxidation phenomenon, which is different from the oxidation in which fruits rot or turn reddish brown.

It is effective as a countermeasure against corona these days, but it also has excellent effects on general deodorization, antibacterial, and decolorization.

Many of the malodorous substances react with the oxidizing atoms to eliminate the odor.

It is also possible to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

If you put Ozone in water at an appropriate concentration, ozone water can be produced, which is safe and can be used for washing vegetables.

It can also be used for cleaning and disinfection.

ASIATEC CORPORATION will coexist with Ozone.

Please feel free to contact us about Ozone.

If you have trouble with the smell, please call out.

Let's overcome Corona and survive.

Ozone generation method

☆Plasma discharge method☆ Recommendation!Our treatment !

◎ Features

High frequency ( 24~36KHz ) Low voltage ( 8~4Kv )

Nitrogen oxides ( NOX ) is less likely to occur

Made from air ( No oxygen raw material required )

Resistant to high humidity

The amount generated is stable

Does not generate heat=safety

☆ Other discharge methods ☆ ( reference )

Glass tube discharge

Silicon rubber discharge

Ceramic discharge

Ozone related product lineup

  • Ozone generator
  • Air cleaner ( For Business・Office・In-vehicle・Home )
  • Deodorizing equipment ( Restaurants, etc. )
  • Water purification device (pond・Wastewater treatment facility)
  • Sterilization treatment equipment with ozone gas ( Food factories, etc. )
  • Sterilization treatment equipment with ozone water ( Supermarket etc. )
  • Agricultural chemical decomposition equipment
  • Insect repellent system ( Restaurants, etc. )
  • Ozone water generator