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Message from Top Management

Although we have reached a new era "Reiwa", our company was established on the last year of "Showa" (1988).

Since then, we have been walking with "Heisei" for more than 31 years.

As an actual corporate activity, we have been looking overseas since our establishment,we are not conscious of the era of Heisei.

Japan's high-growth period has passed, then the time of stability and the end of the "Bubble",for customers who are overseas manufacturers and local manufacturers,it is useful through the supply of parts and materials, factory equipment, and measuring equipment,this was our original purpose of activity.

After that, we experienced a good time in Southeast Asia, a bad time due to the economic crisis,that course was never smooth sailing, but we are able to operate until today.

This is also by customers, business partners, our employees and their families,therefore thank you very much for your cooperation.

For us, there is no doubt that this is a critical moment.

It will be a completely different trend from the past 30 years.

Unless we move to follow it, we cannot survive as a company that contributes to society.

What should be done for that ? We are doing trial and error every day.

Regardless of the framework of a trading company, taking advantage of our overseas network of a few elite, as our specialty, we will continue to make steady progress toward the future.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Shoji Tajima